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Bob the Artist by Marion Deuchars


Marion Deuchars was asked to create a storybook for Laurence King Publishing that developed one of Marion’s existing characters, Bob the blackbird. The book should engage children aged 3-5 and appeal to the Museum Gifting market.


Marion wrote, illustrated and designed a book about a blackbird named Bob who gains confidence through art and overcomes bullying. The book is illustrated in a Marion’s recognisable style, with hand lettering to complement the illustrations.


Bob the Artist is the first storybook by Marion Deuchars. It is also Laurence King Publishing’s first story book for children aged 3-5 years.


The hardback book uses spot printing (Pantone) on un-coated paper to emphasise the ‘art’ quality of the illustrations. A contemporary style is combined with a vintage cloth spine to create a classic, keepsake picture book.


Publisher: Laurence King Publishing / Editor: Elizabeth Jenner