Sónar, ‘if you define it, you kill it’

Laus Companies and Institutions 2018

1997 Campaign. Images loaned by Sónar.

The board of ADG-FAD awards the prize Laus Companies and Institutions 2018 to those organisations who stand out for their long, successful and inspiring relationship with graphic design and visual communications. A relationship that promotes the use of good design, drives the success of entities, contributes to the development of society and improves the quality of life for people.

This is the unequivocal definition of the award that is annually presented at the Nit ADG Laus. As unequivocal as it has been make the decision to award this prize to Sónar as depositary of Laus Companies and Institutions 2018. But, what is Sónar? What has it represented for communication and creativity? For music? For technology? For Barcelona?

For you?

1999 Campaign. Images loaned by Sónar.

For Sónar, 2018, marks its 25th anniversary and it is being celebrated the only way it should be: maintaining loyal to oneself, to their audience and to their original spirit. And maintaining elusive to the labelling. What has developed, inspired, evoked and established this festival of music, creativity and technology?  It’s hard to summarise it in a single article, with one voice.  

2007 Campaign. Images loaned by Sónar.

In the Magabook ADG Laus we wanted to pay a small tribute to Sónar, gathering pages of reflection of its most fervent friends, collaborators and admirers. And the voices have multiplied with people asking to participate in this tribute. We have chosen Toni Segarra to write this tribute, but the choir in its entirety will be the best description in understanding the motive behind this honorary prize.

Here are a few examples to tempt you:

Technological innovation of mass culture – an impossible but true challenge’
Anna Ramos
Director of the Foundation Mies van der Rohe

‘One of the great virtues of Sönar is that it offers the opportunity to experiment, something that not all festivals know how to do. And another of their virtues is that it’s in Barcelona and it forms with the city a global proposal: idea-content-context’.  
Laurent Garnier
DJ, musician and producer

‘A personal relationship’
John Talabot
DJ, producer and musician

2001 Campaign. Images loaned by Sónar.

‘Chunda, chunda against mediocrity’
Bruno Sellés
Creative director of Vasava

‘Respect, cutting-edge, professionalism, flow’
Leila Méndez

In our annual ‘Laus’ we have set up talks with DJs, creative artists, cultural managers, producers, poets, musicians, designers, journalists and with the very own Sergio Caballero, Enric Palau and Ricard Robles, whom to journalists still ask what is Sónar due to its pure uniqueness.

Our interview to the three founders and managers of the festival brings multiple answers, in a clear reflection of the nature of an event that has been labelled as playing a major part in the cultural identity of Barcelona for the past 25 years.

Definir pie de foto

The exhibition ‘NO FLYERS NO POSTERS. 25 YEARS OF SÓNAR IMAGE’ celebrates its 25th anniversary at the Centre d’Art Tecla Sala in L’Hospitalet, from the 24th of May. It revisits the festivals journey and campaigns from over the years, with a selection of 50 iconic artworks. After 25 years of endless nights and dreamlike images at the rhymes of futuristic music, we are pleased to invite you to the most important night of the year. To celebrate and appreciate them!

Join us!

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