L’Incendi (The Fire) reigns relentless in the Advertising Category

Nanouk Films is awarded with the Grand Laus 2018 for their advertisement for Temporada Alta

Frame of 'L'Incendi' by Nanouk Films

It is worth watching The Pleasure Island again, last year’s winner of the Grand Laus, the top prize in the audio-visual category awarded by ADG Laus. It is contemporary, striking, fun and hypnotic. The images, music, voiceover and background music are all perfectly combined.

A year later, the Temporada Alta theatre festival with Nanouk Films and Salvador Sunyer, continues to insist on the subversive, infuriating and fertile power of culture. It continues to call for implication, critiquing the idea of mere entertainment, asking culture to surprise and discomfort us. And it carries on a with a tireless energy, emitting an argument as powerful and difficult to INTONE as the one presented in this spot, which this year has been recognised with the Grand Laus for Advertising.  

The piece, titled L’incendi (The Fire), makes no concessions to the normal pleasantries of conventional marketing. It is an anti-advert that expresses the essence of the festival and, by extension, of theatre itself: a space of freedom to question everything, even its own aesthetic and practical utility.  

The screenplay for L’incendi is built with just a few ingredients, which cohere in strange ways: the central performance of a character who is difficult to watch, the intensely deep voiceover, the threatening light of the flames, the staging. And the narration, hard and stripped back, which takes the form of a denunciation within a hypothetical struggle against the decadence of culture, society and western policy: “You are a controlled revolution to nothing. You search for a form of elevated entertainment to give meaning to your lives. You come together to avoid the cold. You don’t care about the refugees, only the artistic reflection of their dead bodies”.

It is relentless.

Relentless, yes, but also as ephemeral as a match: the eyes of Aleixo Paz and the voice of Lluís Soler leave the accusation hanging in the air. But, eventually, theatre wins again: “You are theatre”, concludes Soler, and the audience dressed for a premiere –expressions of intellectual complicity, pompous smiles on their faces– arise, applauding enthusiastically. The revolution will have to wait, because now Temporada Alta has begun.

Be warned: what you have just read is an interpretation, a possibility. There may be more, as there are many paths to this story, which is another of the great merits of this spot. L’incendi is an action that gains autonomy from the brand that originated it.  In this sense, it is not coincidental that the image of Sonar has such an important presence in these pages. Both festivals, Temporada Alta and Sonar, share a similar intuition in regard to communication. Both their organizers have given freedom to their advertising campaigns. In both cases, they are artefacts that work on their own, not serving as a simple enunciation of a programme, instead raising a flag that proclaims a special way of understanding life and art.


Salvador Sunyer from Nanouk Films interviewed during the Nit ADG Laus 2018:

Last May, Salvador Sunyer was invited as a speaker to an ADG Talk on the occasion of the Finalists celebration at Fábrica Moritz Barcelona.

Full speech filmed and edited by Nanouk Films team:

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