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Escola Massana Brand Identity wins the 2018 Grand Laus in Graphic Design

Escola Massana Brand Identity

The new identity for the Escola Massana questions the very notion of identity as a strong visual metaphor with an intrinsic significance that is unquestionable for an organization. It’s a brand that doesn’t come with the purpose of ‘branding’. Or, perhaps more accurately, its purpose is to encourage the users to create the brand themselves.

A brand identity that stimulates the connections between visual communication and the practice of art.

And, what could be a more ideal path for such an important cultural and artistic institution? The studio behind this project, worthy winner of the Grand Laus for Graphic Design, is Bendita Gloria. In the previous edition of the Laus they received a prize in the Aporta category, with Thinking Out Loud for the image of the Anna Bonny company. Now, with the identity for Massana, Bendita Gloria takes us to another extreme of its conception of design. Here, there is no obvious narrative, instead there is a context and a programme of possibilities.

Escola Massana Brand Identity

When officially submitting their work –a process in which the studio was helped by ADG-FAD–, Bendita Gloria first mentioned the work of the artist-architect Gordon Matta-Clark, who in the 70s was known for his compositions extracting fragments from buildings and turning them into aesthetic objects. Beyond this practical description, what interested them in the ideas of Matta-Clark was the definition that he himself had of his work: “The authentic nature of my work with buildings challenges functionalism, commenting on that cynical professional responsibility that has stopped us from questioning or re-examining the quality of life that is offered”.

This statement has an echo in Bendita Gloria’s project, which suggests that the most important thing is the people who will be using, identifying with and feeling represented by the Massana identity. Beginning with its neighbourhood, the Raval, to which it offers an institutional relationship that refuses to invade space; an idea that continues with the school’s educational community, to which it doesn’t offer a corporate stamp, but instead the stimulating motivation of absence.

Escola Massana Brand Identity

How do all those thoughts, which seem to float in a limbo where rules don’t take on a coercive quality, but instead aim to be transformational, come to life? For example using strategies like making the name itself adaptable:  the brand can be ‘Escola Massana’, ‘La Massana’, ‘Massana’ or ‘M’, offering a free choice.

We can also distinguish openness and flexibility in the constructive exercise proposed by different elements of communication; the texts on the posters, for example, have an invisible rhythm that connect with modern architecture, with the vanguard, with objective geometry. 

Escola Massana Brand Identity

The design of the website also searches for linearity, which gives it an almost innocent appearance, like a blank slate. It is as if this new Massana approaches us without pre-conceived ideas, with a fresh perspective, ready to grow from modest but strong foundations, and expand alongside a communication that is gentle, yet powerful.


Santi Fuster and Alba Rossell from Bendita Gloria interviewed during the Nit ADG Laus 2018:

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