Ana Zelich, Honorary Laus 2019

TV branding pioneer, Ana Zelich’s work is developed in parallel with the evolution of animation and graphics applied to the image in motion, from analogue to digital TV.

'Menta' | Ana Zelich

In the 49th edition of the ADG Laus Awards of Graphic Design and Visual Communication, our board has decided to distinguish the graphic designer and creative director Ana Zelich with the Honorary Laus 2019, mention granted annually to those professionals in the design and communication field who have achieved a commendable career and represents mastery for the entire profession.

Ana Zelich working at Animàtica

Animàtica (1984-1989)
Animàtica was the first production company in Spain dedicated to 3D, and one of the pioneers in Europe. Started in 1984, Animàtica’s objective was to produce sequences and animated images generated by computer, using the new visual languages provided by  image synthesis. It was dedicated to providing services for art, TV and advertising.  
From the beginning of Animàtica, Ana Zelich took part as art director and creator, doing work for various TV channels like TVE and the emerging local channels TV3 and ETB, and for projects related to design, art and new technologies.  


Frame for the video for F/DG | Production: Animàtica

Zoptic (1989-1994)
In 1989 Ana Zelich founded, alongside Neus Grabulosa and Luis Rueda, Zoptic. A pioneering studio of motion graphics, TV design and audiovisual graphics, Zoptic opened a new space for audiovisual projects, from a perspective firmly grounded in the discipline of design.
Zoptic’s philosophy consisted in always favouring the idea above the technique. That way, it inaugurated a freer way to look at projects, introducing techniques and graphic languages consistent with the initial concept.
Zoptic did the first work in which real images, taken from shoots in video, cinema or photography, were combined with animated graphics in 2D or in 3D. They also became experts at fusing computer animation with traditional techniques of frame by frame animation, illustration, stop motion and editing.


Frame for the video for Clip Clap Video | Production: Zoptic

Canal + (1990 and 1995-1997)
 When Canal + began broadcasting in Spain in 1990, they asked Zoptic to create a distinct visual language that respected the philosophy created by Etienne Robial in France, while differentiating itself from the recently arrived private broadcasters:  Antena 3 and Telecinco. Zoptic used strong, flat, and colourful designs, based on illustration, typography and geometry, which set it apart from the 3D designs favoured by competitors. A direct and powerful identity based on simple movements, which broke the rules and became an essential part of the DNA of the Canal + brand.
Later, with Ana Zelich as art director, the channel introduced a series of continuity idents based on different themes and diverse aesthetic styles, which helped to develop its image as an alternative channel. Each one of the series was based on a creative collaboration. Graphic designers, artists, photographers, musicians and others provided an innovative approach to the TV language of the time.


Frame for the video for Precisión, Canal+ | Production: Ana Zelich en Canal+

Ana Zelich, freelance designer
At different times during the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, Ana Zelich worked on notable projects as a freelance designer for different TV brands.  Working for Menta, Cinemania, CNN + or various programmes for TV3, she continued to introduce visual innovations, using graphic design as a basis for TV communication. The extensive use of typography as a metaphor for content, or the combination of graphics with a human presence, are further contributions by Ana Zelich.

Zeligstudio (2001-2013)
The era of Zeligstudio, founded alongside two important production companies, Mediapro and El Terrat, is one of the longest, richest and most important in the career of Ana Zelich, in terms of reach and professional consolidation.  
With a long sequence of projects carried out mainly for channels and TV programmes, Zeligstudio is a library for the “iconographic memory and the time of a country”, according to Ignasi Gozalo, who was part of the team at the studio. 


Plats Bruts | Ana Zelich

Mediapro Exhibitions (2013-today)
Ana Zelich’s current area of work, as creative director at Mediapro Exhibitions, is focused on exhibitions. The objective is the creation of experiences and destinations for the hundreds of thousands of people who visit and experience big transmedia exhibitions throughout the world.
It is a process to be understood from a multidisciplinary perspective, consisting of multiple directions, answering big questions about meaning and communication and, of course, the participation of hybrid teams. An example of her work, which now and always, demonstrates coherent and emotive design.

Ana Zelich’s career to be explored at The Best Design of The Year Exhibition and the Magabook ADG Laus 2019
May 17 opens the exhibition of the Best Design of the Year, which includes all the winners of this year in the different disciplines (fashion, architecture and urbanism, visual arts and graphic design and visual communication). The exhibition, organized by FAD in collaboration with the Museum of Design of Barcelona, ​​will feature a section dedicated to the 5 creative stages of Ana Zelich’s work: Animàtica, Zoptic, Canal +, Zeligstudio and Mediapro Exhibitions. An audiovisual journey through the history of images in motion and TV branding from the 80s to the present day.

At the same time, the new edition of the Magabook ADG Laus, the yearbook of the ADG Laus awards, will pay a small tribute to the designer with the compilation of reflections from friends, collaborators and their most fervent admirers through talks with artists, audiovisual creatives, cultural managers, producers, designers, musicians and journalists. Luis Rueda, Jaume Roures, Coaner Codina, Ignasi Gozalo and Martin Lambie-Nairn among others.
The official award ceremony will take place on June 20 during the Nit ADG Laus'19, the annual meeting of the creative community in Barcelona, ​​which will be part of the Barcelona Design Week activities program.



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