Take part

To meet, talk, share

In the age of the Internet, sometimes it’s good to get back to the real. Meeting other professionals. Sharing ideas, experiences, interests and contacts. Collaborating and growing. Getting excited about our achievements.  All of us who are a part of ADG-FAD enjoy, simply, getting together to talk.  

To open the world and the future

There are more ways than ever before to connect with the world. ADG-FAD is our platform to discover, interact and work with other groups. It is also the network that joins the present with the future. And with the people who are working today with those who will be working tomorrow, students with businesses and institutions.

To be an example

In times of rapid change, we like to think and debate, make our contribution visible, intensify our relationship with society. Create culture. A vocation that ADG-FAD has always explored. With our vision and experience we are part of the solution for excellent design for a better world.

To get freebies and exclusive discounts

Being part of ADG-FAD means having your copy of the Laus book for free, getting into the Chill Laus without cost, free and preferential access to all the activities organized by FAD and the rest of the associations we work with (check out our agenda at fad.cat).

It also gives you access to the COAC library, which contains the FAD archive, the Documentation Centre of the Barcelona Design Museum and the Materfad, Barcelona Materials Centre.

And, of course, a 50% discount in inscriptions for the Laus Prize and exclusive discounts for activities organized and co-organized by the ADG (Nit Laus, Blanc Festival, European Creativity Festival, etc.).

To gain visibility and opportunities

In an era that rewards information and visibility, ADG-FAD will soon offer professionals their own space on the web to showcase their work and contact information. Furthermore, it gives them a presence in the members’ directory of the FAD Digital annual, an essential reference in the architecture and design sectors. And, periodic mailings of information and communication from FAD: FadNews, clippings, Design Beats, etc.

ADG-FAD members

and you? ...