Spatial Design

Zaragoza excites with the tram

Los Tranvías de Zaragoza


The tram is a new icon of Zaragoza. Citizens from 205 cities in 61 countries have valued its precision, technology and sustainability.
Trams of Zaragoza needed to communicate the emotion and pride of feeling valued.


"The pride of being part of something big".
We turned that idea into a "visual poem" from a rhythmic and pregnant typographic game, an artistic intervention to give voice to the visitors who thought about the tram.


We managed to change the way travelers look. We share with them an exciting idea with a formalization totally integrated into the urban visual code.


Series of 24 pieces in positive and negative, generating a visual rhythm that captures the viewer. We adapted 87 faces of 107 x 260 in tram stations, MUPIS, billboards of 800 x 300, adaptations for press and digital banners.


Los Tranvías de Zaragoza
Art Director 
Carlos Laita, Anto Moreno
Graphic Designer 
Anto Moreno
Creative Direction 
Carlos Laita, Anto Moreno
General Creative Direction 
Carlos Laita, Anto Moreno
El Señor Wom
Creative Team 
El Señor Wom, Anto Moreno
Executive Creative Direction 
El Señor Wom
Cinderblock, Gtwalsheim