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Web Fundació Sorigué

Client / School 
Fundació Sorigué


Web for an art foundation, bringing together collection, exhibitions, philosophy and audiovisual content. To transmit vocation of return to the society of enterprise group through the culture, positioning itself like reference in the world of the Art.


Analysis and conceptualization of the foundation to achieve a structure understandable by the user. Presentation of a graphic system through large images to enhance projects. Design of interactions according to concept.


Innovative web design for a foundation, it is built from bottom to top. From land to art. From Sorigué (construction) to the Fundació Sorigué (art).


Wordpress layout and programmed from scratch, prepared, in the future, to have host up to 300 works. Custom backoffice. Optimization and sequencing of page elements and navigation by Ajax to gain fluency and improve the UX.


Client / School 
Fundació Sorigué
Art Director 
Manel Font, Iago Barreiro
Graphic Designer 
Iago Barreiro
Zalo Lorza
ARS Maquette
User Experience Design 
Iago Barreiro, Zalo Lorza
Web Developer 
Zalo Lorza