Vocation Mónica Carrillo

Client / School 
Antena 3 Notícias


Change Antena 3 news program coldness perception through a noticeable campaign capable of connecting with consumers and creating proximity.


Every journalist has an experience which awakened his vocation. In this campaign presenters reveal this event and how it made them feel. Moreover, pieces combine real imagen and animation, recreating each childhood and time.


A proposal with a design code suitable for Spain’s leader TV channel, which is able to go further privileged pedestal figure image from journalists, going into their emotions and showing a personal side never seen before.


To achieve greater visual richness and impact, we worked with 15 illustrators in 37 styles that can represent the historical moment. For the music we needed international hits, capable of connecting with the moment described.


Client / School 
Antena 3 Notícias
Art Director 
Borja Álvarez
Account Management 
Natalia Cazcarra / Natalia Carrero
Agency Producer 
Martín Beilin/ Nieves Antuña (Los Producers).
Creative Direction 
Miguel Madariaga
General Creative Direction 
David Caballero
Javier Díaz-Masa, Veronica Fernandez Lillo
Film Director 
Hugo Menduiña
Production Company 
Productora audiovisual: Garage. Realizador: Hugo Menduiña. Producer ejecutivo: Rafa Reboll Productora ilustración/animación: Le Cube. Producer: Juan Manuel Freire - Antonela Castro. Producer: Luis Delgado (The Mushroom Company). Equipo creativo: Gustavo