Graphic Design

Vinos Seleno

Client / School 
Idep Barcelona


Conceptualize and design a trilogy of organic and biodynamic wines, made in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, Catalunya. The design must be honest and special, breaking the traditional schemes of wine labeling.


Lunar phases are key in biodynamic agriculture. Each bottle represents the main moon phase depending on the type of wine: Creixent (crescent) for rosé, Plena (full) for white and Minvant (waning) for red wine.


The project breaks with the antiquated image of the wine sector, inviting to enjoy, during the night, both the wine and the bottle that keeps it.


Used in this project: phosphorescent pigment, gum arabic as adhesive, recycled paper 170 g., toothbrush to spread the mixture and stencils with the shapes of the moon. The printing of the text is digital.


Client / School 
Idep Barcelona
Álex Galiano