Art Direction in Audiovisual

#untaggable city

Client / School 
Audi AG


This film belongs to the Untaggable Series by NOWNESS as part of the Audi Q2 #untaggable launch campaign.


It’s a dynamic study of extraordinary cities and their citizens exploring how the best things in life are impossible to define.


The result is a visceral journey through juxtaposed environments using people and movement as a focus, a film that shows that cities are impossible to define. They are untaggable.


The film starts in a non-place or ‘untaggable’ city achieved in post-production, which represents a collaged world where buildings and infrastructure from all four cities (London, New Orleans, Tokyo and La Paz) are merged together as one.


Client / School 
Audi AG
Account Management 
Francesca González, Philipp Meyer, Cristiana Zito,
Creative Direction 
Anna Higgs
General Creative Direction 
Jose Mª Roca de Viñals
Creative Team 
Guille Gomez, Selina Heathcote
Executive Creative Direction 
Daniel Calabuig
Executive Producer 
Gavin Humphries
Production Company 
Factory Fifteen
Katie Metcalfe: Video Commissioner