Integrated Graphics

SELIC. Semana do libro de Compostela

Client / School 
Concello de Santiago


The commission consisted of working out the graphics (including a collection of books) for the "Semana del libro de Compostela", SELIC.


The graphics start in the gesture of «turning over a page». The acronym SELIC in condensed typography takes up one whole page that, due to a perspective modification, seems to open. Colors reinforce the idea of «fair-fiesta».


The aim is to work with a graphics whose simplicity permits several variations of the basic idea and flexible enough to adapt it to the multiple and different formats of communication: MUPIS, poster-programme, collection of books, etc


The vertical design of the poster-programme in half a sheet reinforces the vertical proportion of the typography. Printing in black and three different Pantones on an offset paper.


Client / School 
Concello de Santiago