Graphic Design

Savi & Aquí


Two wine labels that convey the feelings provoked when you drink them. Priorat. It harvested by hand in old grapevines of difficult access. A dense wine with complex nuances and dense color. Ribeira Sacra harvested in abrupt terraces. Fresh & sensual


Savi. A tribute to the hands of the winermaker. Their lines represent experience and wisdom and served us to create this label. Aquí. Inspired by the sinuous curves of the terraces of Ribeira Sacra. Both made with 3D printing parts.


Savi & Aquí are an invitation to feel the nuances and details of wine through touch. A project that explores the use of 3D printing in short series.


It is a project that would fit perfectly in author's wineries with short productions that want to explore new languages in the relationship between wine and person. A relationship based on touch.


Pairot's Photographers