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Quan les línies són temps

Client / School 
Fundació Joan Miró


Martí Manen wanted to generate a differentiated publication of the communication of the exhibition cycle. The piece contains the content generated by each artist, remaining as the only testimony,representing the concept of the whole cycle, time.


Starting from a classic approach, the contemporary treatment of typography, the use of few levels of text, the image as a typographic stain and the use of spaces, results in a clarity and ideal message forthe reader.


Generating an honest and simple publication, with few elements, whose treatment derived from the classic but breaths contemporaneity.


If the design was to differentiate itself from the communication of the cycle, the production had to keep that nexus: the use of the same paper, the relief of the cover, the dyeing of the image and the FoundersGrotesk resulted in a dignified piece.


Client / School 
Fundació Joan Miró