Multi-platform Project

OFFF Digital Branding & Platforms

Offf Festival


A new website and iOS and android App to keep evolving the original concept. They need to be updated as it’s bound with technologies, it has to be coherent the whole idea and platform with what they are showing to the world and with their brand.


As it is an informative web, we made emphasis in how we gave this info to the audience, that's why we gear all the platforms with the information from devices to the venue's displays. All this following its identity: geometrical, bold and compact.


A responsive website based on the brand identity and on the user needs, with a new format of double content visualization (any content + schedule).


From the conceptualization —new things to include, what's useful for users—, to the web structure and the design and development phase. We worked with the offf team for the recompilation of the information of the artists and the contents insertion.


Offf Festival
Art Director 
Carles More
Graphic Designer 
Laura Mata
Crowd Studio
Technical Direction 
Raül Drechsel