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Nuovo Devoto-Oli

Mondadori Education


Nuovo Devoto-Oli is one of the best-known Italian dictionaries first published fifty years ago by Le Monnier. We were asked to design a new idea of a dictionary, an enjoyable and easy-to-use tool able to improve the mastery of a language.


A careful information hierarchy and navigation rules have been designed together with a new typography, color use and boxes able to allow a quicker research, the understanding and the correct use of the words in different contexts.


Nuovo Devoto-Oli deserves a Laus because it has an innovative layout able to translate a new idea of a dictionary strongly integrated with a richer digital version for a user experience that responds to the contemporary reader needs.


“Nuovo Devoto-Oli” is published by Mondadori Education Le Monnier. Launched with a promotional campaign on September 2017, it is currently on sale on the publisher's website and on the main online bookshops as well as in bookshops in Italy.


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