Graphic Design

The man with no face


Martin Margiela is often considered designer number 7 of the Antwerp’s 6, but there is one key thing about the way he approaches design: he puts the focus in it. Up to the point that he doesn’t give interviews or appear at the end of his shows.


We decided to follow Margiela’s approach to design through all our decisions. First, we completely separated the text and the photography sections. We decided to go as simple as possible and use only Graphik Regular in 3 sizes and a versatile grid.


This book — leaving no decision to chance — contains in all the details and coherent elements a tribute to the great Martin Margiela .


Since Margiela has such an attention to detail regarding to materials, we decided to use 2 different papers in every different section. For the cover, we keep it simple and recreate what Margiela would do by painting —by hand— everything white.