Graphic Design

To Live and Die in Venice


Edition and design of a book under the concept of speed as the starting point. The concept can be read in all its semantical possibilities.


Speed of the mind and fast response are key values in a freestyle rap battle — a competition derived from Shakespeare’s times. The book is an interpretation of Shakespeare’s Othello, with the storyline transferred into hip-hop's golden age.


To Live and Die in Venice is a play that experiments with similarities and differences between hip-hop and Shakespeare, by making these two different worlds collide with the use of typography and imagery.


Publication of 192 pages, 147 x 230 mm format. Divided in 5 acts printed on Munken Print White paper 90g. Hardcover with vinyl transfer on orange fabric, stitched binding.


Art Director 
Anna Kabanina, Idil Gücüyener
Graphic Designer 
Anna Kabanina, Idil Gücüyener