Graphic Design

L'Enfant Terrible


Design and edition of a publication which has the “Dogme 95” as starting point. The publication will be created around 3 core ideas: contextualisation, editing and design. Genre, content and editorial focus are open.


L'Enfant Terrible revolves around Lars Von Trier before and after the Dogme 95 movement, deepening his mind, his work and his way of thinking, offering a triple vision: analytical, cinematic and emotional.


An immersion in the main figure of Dogme 95 Lars Von Trier, which purpose is to understand the mythical filmmaker in all of his aspects.


Publication of 254 pages and 204 x 282 mm format. Divided into two parts, both printed on Offset Amber Graphic paper, 100 gr. With an insert in the center of the book, Pop Set red paper, 80 gr. Hardcover, stitched binding.


Art Director 
Jorge Garcia, Javier P. Garcia
Graphic Designer 
Jorge Garcia, Javier P. Garcia