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Items: Is Fashion Modern?

Museum of Modern Art, New York


To propose the concept, structure, photographic approach and layout for the book accompanying MoMA’s first fashion exhibition. The task was to respond to the exhibition content, based on 111 garments that have influenced the world today.


An encyclopedia-inspired book felt as the right format for the content. It's organised as reference book, systematically it fits all the bite-sized pieces. Authorial photo essays show the items in the aesthetic of the current fashion world.


Our concept was twofold: it brought the worlds of fashion and reference books together, showcasing the visual richness in the content. Our goal was to avoid a standard museum monograph and to keep documentary images from curatorial research


The book is typeset in Circular Pro and Burgess. The paper is Munken Polar Rough 100gsm and Magno Starr 135 gsm for the inside of the book, and Wibalin for the cover. It was offset printed in 15.000 copies by Gorenjski Tisk in Slovenia.


Museum of Modern Art, New York
Graphic Designer 
Lana Cavar, Natasha Chandani
Narcisa Vukojevic
General Creative Direction 
Lana Cavar, Natasha Chandani
Production Company 
Department of Publications, The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Production Manager 
Hanah Kim