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Informal Market World Atlas

Client / School 
nai010 publishers, Eelco van Welie


This atlas presents 72 case studies of informal marketplaces around the world: from Kabul’s post-conflict Bush Bazaar to cross-border trade between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The designer was asked to design both the book and the maps.


The book was set-up as different flows of informations. Visual material on the left pages, text on the right pages. The latter refer to newspapers and academic publications. The design of the map references travel guides from the 1950s.


How to design an academic publication about informality?


Content: 512 pages Binding: paperback Interior: Offset printed CMYK on recycled paper stock


Client / School 
nai010 publishers, Eelco van Welie
Art Director 
Joost Grootens
Graphic Designer 
Joost Grootens with Tine van Wel, Hanae Shimizu, Silke Koeck, Jens Giesel, Luca Nalopi