Marketing digital

The Good Virus

Client / School 
ATELCA (Associació Trastorn Específic del Llenguatge de Catalunya)


The Specific Language Impairment is a great unknown even among the professionals who must diagnose it. ATELCA’s request was to get to an idea that changed this situation.


We spread an Internet virus to university faculties of medicine, teaching, speech therapy and psychology that made students feel as kids with SLI. The virus changed their keyboard’s behaviour. A way to make sure they remembered SLI


85,73% of our target was reached with our campaign. Furthermore the main antivirus provider of our country (Panda Security) supported it.


Universities spread our virus through our Trojan horse ‘ExamAlert’. When the students downloaded it, the virus self-installed and changed their keyboard to make them experience how a kid with SLI feels.


Client / School 
ATELCA (Associació Trastorn Específic del Llenguatge de Catalunya)
Art Director 
David Planells
Alex Casas
Technical Direction 
Antonio Caparrelli
Account Management 
Berta Terés
Agency Producer 
Mercè Fernàndez
Creative Direction 
Aleix Bou
Ariadna Céspedes, Aleix Bou
Executive Creative Direction 
Carlos de Javier
Film Director 
Roger Gómez, Dani Resines
Production Company 
El Cangrejo
Sonido: Cannonball Sound, Locutor: David Verdaguer