Line of Packaging and/or Labels

Font Vella

Font Vella


Font Vella needed a special edition of a plastic bottle that could be used to dress the table on special occasions.


An elegant and sophisticated bottle whose vertical lines are inspired by a waterfall. It is complemented with a clean and low-invasive label design that focuses attention on the brand.


Get a FMCG brand to embrace an innovative, differential and attractive design solution but staying within the usual material, format and budget.


Sale in supermarkets and catering sector. In seven months, one million bottles have been sold in Spain. Each bottle allocates 10% of its amount to the Fundación Quiero Trabajo, which helps the labor insertion of women.100% recycled plastic.


Font Vella
Art Director 
Pep Trias, Álex Pérez
Graphic Designer 
Álex Pérez
Account Management 
Jordi Aguilar, Mireia Roca, Paula Chateau
Creative Direction 
Cristina Benejam
General Creative Direction 
Lluís Morillas
Creative Team 
Marta Zabala, Pep Trias, Álex Pérez, Albert Pérez, Pep Badia