Font Del Gos, un barrio olvidado de Barcelona

Laus Aporta

Graphic Design

Font Del Gos, un barrio olvidado de Barcelona


How can I help, as a graphic designer, a small community in a neighborhood of Barcelona? Most people in Barcelona and even the city council are completely unaware of the fascinating history of these people. I had to document it and explain it.


Making a book is the best solution to the root problem that the neighborhood has; Which are unknown. I create a document that any citizen can consult and know the history of these people. Https://


This book pretends to be a primary source that relates how has been and how is the life of a small district of Barcelona, the Font del Gos


A series of books has been made that are already in the hands of the city council and neighbors. Conferences at the BlancFestival and PechaKucha, in addition to an appearance on Rne4 have made more people know the problems of the neighborhood.