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Finding Fariña

Librerías de Madrid


Madrid Booksellers, could not distribute the book, got in contact with us to search and help to read the banned text. The aim was to leverage a loophole in the law using ingenuity to achieve the highest number of readers of this novel.


It was created a website that made it possible for all the people to read the banned book in a way that did not run legal risks: using Don Quijote.


A direct access to the censored book was enabled, transforming an unknown local problem into a global movement in defense of freedom of expression.


The website featured an engine that contrasted Fariña against Don Quijote in real time using a customized algorithm for that purpose.


Librerías de Madrid
Art Director 
Tamara Martín, José Herrera, Roberto González
Technical Direction 
Israel Ortiz
Account Management 
Gabriela Castro
General Creative Direction 
José María Roca de Viñals
Héctor Alfonso
Executive Creative Direction 
Daniel Rodríguez, Nerea Cierco, Alfredo Vaz
Film Editing 
José Sueiro
Production Company