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El Tatuaje Que Más Duele

Fundación Secretariado Gitano


The Gypsy Secretariat Foundation, is a modest NGO that fights for integration and the right to a life free from discrimination for gypsies in Spain, and it needed to create an awareness campaign of great impact.


Create a protest that could make the whole population think. A young gypsy girl got a tattoo of one of the prejudices that society inflicts on her: “I’m a gypsy and I cannot be trusted”.


The great impact that our campaign created in the media across the country enabled us to achieve our goal: reach the general public and create a debate about the discrimination and prejudices that are suffered by the gypsy community.


The participation of some of Spain’s most influential famous names encouraged people to really take part, turning our campaign, and the problem that it aimed to combat, into a relevant topic for the media.


Fundación Secretariado Gitano
Art Director 
Fernando Morate
Account Management 
Ana Alonso, Helena Chamorro, Laura Casado, Sandra Cantero, Adrián Sanz
Agency Producer 
Marta Morón, José Sueiro
Creative Direction 
Carolina García-Siñeriz
General Creative Direction 
Jose María Roca de Viñals
Arturo Dorado
Executive Creative Direction 
Jaime Chavarri
Executive Producer 
David Manchado
Film Director 
Joana Colomar
Production Company 
Mamma Team
Social Media Manager: Rafael Pacheco Tatuador: Jorge López
Production Manager 
Enrique Feijoo