Graphic Design

El soso catalán que hace reír

Client / School 
Escola Superior de Disseny ESDi


This project is set to reclaim the figure of the Catalan humorist "Eugenio" without falling into clichés, depicting his essence in a new way.


A pack inspired by Eugenio's distinctive personality (gestures, tone of voice, etc.) consisting of a small book with the transcription and reinterpretation of one of his cassettes and a set of posters graphically depicting his jokes.


A new point of view of Eugenio without falling into the stereotypical way of representing him, not only translating Eugenio's recordings into graphics but also generating a discourse and an analysis of his humor and his personal essence.


The main element of the project is a small object-book which could be commercialized and would be a great way of keeping a memory of this character.


Client / School 
Escola Superior de Disseny ESDi