El precio lo dicta el mar


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El precio lo dicta el mar

Mustache Cerveza Artesana


Mustache launches "Negra marinera" it's black beer brewed with sea water. The key idea was to build all on " the sea chooses the price" concept, as it is unique to the brand and in the market.


We create an e-commerce sincronizad with the Spanish Marine Hydrography Institute, where the price of Mustache varies depending on the tides level during the day, every day.


A unique and innovative e commerce idea: the sea chooses the price of the product, as it is made with sea water.


A unique e commerce where UX and design are key, as it's not only the prices that vary depending awn the sea tides, but also the consumer interaction and the sites look evolve during the different day hours.


Mustache Cerveza Artesana
Art Director 
Víctor López, Rubén Sánchez
Account Management 
Alberto Pachano (Business Account Director), Javier Fernández (Account Director), Silvia Domínguez (Account Executive)
Agency Producer 
Oscar Vigiola (Only 925)
Creative Direction 
David Sousa, Jesús Mellado
Marcos Martínez
Design Manager 
Víctor M. Segura
Executive Creative Direction 
Beto Nahmad
Executive Producer 
María Jesús Horcajuelo (Only 925)
Film Director 
Carlos Therón (Only 925)
Client Responsible: Oscar González Cascallana; Creative Supervisor: Sergio Villarrubia, Yerai Gómez; 3D Design: Guillermo Toda; 3D Production Partners: The Frank Barton Company
Production Manager 
Nines Alcalde
Web Developer 
Albert Balada