Book / Magazine Cover

El Món d'Ahir Portades

Minoria Absoluta


Design, Layout and art direction of a Magazine specialising in history, through the eyes of journalists and writers. The magazine combines texts by contemporary authors writing about the past, with historic texts of hight literary value.


We wanted to give special weigh to the type of the cover and the contents so that this would give personality to the publication. A classic but punchy typography, black and large sized, with the detail on the inclination of the letter "A".


The typographic cover emphasizes the authors, the main value and distinction of the publication. The chromatic code avoids the topics of the sector.


We wanted to design a honest and unpretentious publication. Not just a magazine but an object. The colored edges convert it into a block of color as if it were a sealed box tempting the public.


Minoria Absoluta
Graphic Designer 
Emmanuelle Julia, Anna Bosch, Estefanía Aragüés, Xavier Roca