Unit of Packaging and/or Label


Client / School 
Easy-Mixers, SL


The promoters launch an innovative mixology premix that standardizes the service, seeking to create a unique, recognizable and self-explanatory packaging


We transfer to the packaging the virtues of the premix applying the technique of cadavre exquis – “exquisite cadaver” and the rule of 2/3 in their stripes. The aesthetics of the 20s and the origin of cocktails (medicinal) fix the concept


Transferring its own philosophy (mixology) to a brand identity and packaging, allowing Easy-Mixers to exploit its full potential. Easy-Mixers is an approving nod at the origins of the cocktail, with an unmistakably exclusive appearance


As a base, an uncoated natural paper that reinforces the medicinal look. Complex production to be composed of 3 strips with an individual treatment: die with dose, stamping and serigraphy, application to other formats: One Shot


Client / School 
Easy-Mixers, SL
Art Director 
Marta Terrazas Llorente
Graphic Designer 
José Luis Casao Casao
Creative Direction 
Ricardo Moreno Rodríguez