Dana 2.0 Font

Client / School 
Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid


The project arises in response to the need for dynamism in web typography. The main objective is the creation of a responsive typographic framework that responds to the current needs of the web language.


Modular responsive typography created as a framework, from HTML (SVG), CSS (animations) and JS, to develop responsive web projects. It consists of 4 heights with the same weight, depending on the device in which it is displayed.


The adaptive aspect. The framework generates a responsive typeface that does not change in size, but in configuration. Each letter is constructed of modules that are redistributed to form new ones with different width and height.


At present, the framework is functional. In addition to the web version, an OTF model of the font has been created. The project is extensible, being able to configure new modules to create more fonts, generating other heights and weights.


Client / School 
Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid