Graphic Design



Produce a real mockup of a magazine with the topic of your choice. The magazine must have a clear editorial direction, design, layout and art direction.


Curio means rare, unusual, or intriguing object, and comes from the word curiosity. Curio is an independent publication that explores human sexuality in its all diversity through different subjects such as art, literature, social sciences.


Curio tackles sexuality —a part of human nature and personality— with an intelligent and artistic approach, trying to imagine its complexity and explore it from different angles.


Publication with total of 128 pages in 200 x 270 mm format, 112 pages printed on Munken Lynx 120gr paper and 16 pages printed on 100gr glossy paper. Soft cover, perfect binding.


Art Director 
Anna Kabanina, Idil Gücüyener
Graphic Designer 
Anna Kabanina, Idil Gücüyener