Cromos #YoNoTengoSegundoEquipo


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Cromos #YoNoTengoSegundoEquipo

Real Sociedad


Real Sociedad wants to combat the loss of loyalty and the loss of values actually in football.


Real Sociedad decides pay tribute in a time in which, thanks to being true to its values obtained the best results of the history. It was the 80s and football was showed by stickers.


For this spot we locate some collectors with the complete albums of the 70s and 80s. We analyzed more than 4,000 cards and assembled chrome to chrome th whole selection.


The result, a small piece in which how is as important than the what matter. The video gets 16 million of impressions on twitter in 3 weeks among football fans across the country.


Real Sociedad
Art Director 
Kiku Aromir
Account Management 
Maribi Kanpandegi, Nerea Torrecilla
Agency Producer 
La Producer
Creative Direction 
Guille Viglione y Santi Hernandez
General Creative Direction 
Guille Viglione y Santi Hernandez
Creative Team 
EQUIPO DE LA AGENCIA: Guille Viglione, Maribi Kanpandegi, Santi Hernández, Kiku Aromir, Jon Guergué, Ainhoa Garbayo, Nerea Torrecilla
Executive Creative Direction 
Guille Viglione y Santi Hernandez
Film Editing 
Laszlo Hace
Film Director 
Laszlo Hace
Iñaki Gabilondo - Voz en Off
Web Developer 
Jon Guergue