Integrated Graphics

40 Anys de la Fundació Miró

Client / School 
Fundació Joan Miró


Identity and campaign for the 40th anniversary of Fundació Miró, applied to a variety of pieces, and which had to include the advertising of key exhibitions in the history of the centre. The use of Mironian elements had to be avoided.


To generate a recognizable identity while avoiding mironian strojes the identity is related to the building of the Museum. Starting with the logo we produced a range of numbers then applied to key dates that work as a graphic language.


A simple concept creates an identity all Barcelonians can understand. The different pieces are rich and diverse and show a versatile graphic language.


Diverse production techniques ranging from printing to video, 3d lettering applied to space, paper sculpturing, tampography, etc.


Client / School 
Fundació Joan Miró
Art Director 
Marc Català
Graphic Designer 
Marc Català, Tiago Campea
Melody Sync