Graphic Design





What it is like, how it works

The jury will be diverse so as to generate debate. Their members are specialists of different disciplines within the categories they are judging.

The jury needs to know and respect the evaluation criteria that comprise the regulation bases of the awards.

Neither the chairmen, chairwomen nor the jury members can submit work in the category they are judging.

The organization will provide all the necessary information to the jury so they are able to judge the participating pieces, while maintaining the anonymity of the authors.

The jury will spend an entire day, and two days in the case of Graphic Design, judging the pieces of their corresponding categories.

Voting will answer to the criteria established by the organization, and the jury is free to apply said criteria as it deems just. The jury has to coherently justify the reason for their verdicts.

The jury’s decision is final and will be kept secret until the Nit ADG Laus. The jury agrees not to disclose the results.

The chairman or chairwoman is a person chosen by ADG-FAD whose role it is to ensure the proper functioning of the jury.

He/she is the reference person for the members of the jury. He/she is in charge of reminding them of the regulations, answering questions, and keeping to the schedules and stages of the voting process. He or she will be responsible for collecting the results of the voting process and certifying them, along with the jury. The chairman ensures that all prizes are awarded for each category. The chairmen represents the jury’s opinion for selecting the Grand Laus in its category.

The chairman or chairwoman has no vote and does not intervene in the decisions of the jury other than to ensure the proper functioning of the process.

The chairmen and chairwomen of each jury will meet together to decide on the Laus Aporta Award.