Submitting entries

ADG Laus Awards entries may only be submitted via the on-line submission system.

Once you've completed your registration and payment, proceed to send the material to ADG Laus organization. 

Submissions Deadline

Deadline: 10 of February 2020
From then on, the online platform will be closed and modifications, complete information or annulment of pieces will no longer be possible.

How to submit material

The indications specified in each section of each category must be followed.
Failure to comply with these specifications may result in the disqualification of the piece.

Package delivery

Send to the ADG-FAD office:

(ADG Laus Awards)
Disseny Hub Barcelona
Badajoz 175
08018 – Barcelona
From 8am to 6pm


Package delivery deadline: 28 February 2020
Works will not be accepted nor returned after this date. 

Recovery of material

The ADG Laus Awards will not return any submitted material except in the case of a request received before February 28 at: 
Subject: Material return nº xx/xxxx. 


You must complete the payment through your user area, "Registration Summary" section.

Once the payment is completed, participants will receive an email as their invoice is available in their user area, "Billing" section.

Projects that have not been paid within the stipulated time frame will not be considered for the awards.


Cheap Days

All submissions carried out before January 20 will benefit from a discount of 10% off the total fee.


ADG-FAD Members

ADG-FAD members will enjoy a 50% discount on registering entries.


Supporting Associations

Members of AAD, ADCV, AFP, AGA, APIC, CdeC, DAG, DI-CA, DIEX, DiMad, DIP , DIS, EIDE and Type Directors Club will enjoy a 15% discount on entries.

Terms and Conditions

  • Entries submitted must have been printed, published, broadcast, projected, viewed online, or edited for the first time between January and December 2019.


  • Entries may be submitted by any company or individual involved in the creation or production of the work, as well as by the client.


  • Participation in the ADG Laus Awards 2020 is international.


  • The same entry cannot be submitted in more than three different categories. If the same entry is submitted in more than one category, the entrant must send as many copies as participating categories categories and the corresponding entry fee.


  • If the entry is submitted in the same category by two or more entrants, ADG-FAD will only accept the project submitted first and will return the entries which have not been accepted, along with the fees paid for that entry, after the deadline.


  • The Organization reserves the right to request the broadcasting certificate for television, the proof or receipt of publication for graphic material, and the photographic proof or receipt for PLV material. These receipts must be issued either by the corresponding media company or by the advertiser.


  • ADG-FAD is not responsible for the authenticity of the information included by the entrants in the entry forms.


  • ADG-FAD is not responsible for claims of plagiarism or for damage or loss that may occur to projects through no fault of the organization.


  • In no case will the submitted work be returned if it has not been requested before February 28, 2020 via e-mail.


  • Entrants grant ADG-FAD permission to use and reproduce entries only for promotional purposes.


  • Participation in the ADG Laus Awards constitutes yielding of the award-winning pieces (Grand Laus, Gold of professional categories) to the Barcelona City Council and, more specifically, to the Barcelona Design Museum, with the right of the receiving party to to use them for its activities(exhibitions, catalogues, web, etc.) related to the reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation for any country and any form of exploitation, distribution, support, format and media, including audiovisual, computer, multimedia, telematics, etc., granting the right to authorize the reproduction and public use of archival documents by third parties, if its purpose is non-commercial nor lucrative. 


  • Participation in this year’s ADG Laus Awards 2020 indicates the full acceptance of these terms and conditions.