The 5 criteria Laus


Solidity, intensity and innovative spirit of the proposals.


Response and adaptation of the project to the needs of the client or end user.


Neatness in design and production, and attention to detail.


Contribution through the methodology, the thematic scope, the way of communicating, means or formats through which the message is transmitted, the visual resolution and other relevant aspects.


Relationship between form and content. Maintaining high level execution and coherence between all the resources and decisions considered in the previous criteria.


In 1964, the board of what was then called the Graphic Designers Association FAD created the Laus Awards. The original trophy was a work by the designer Tomàs Vellvé, a founding member of the association.
The awards have adapted to the changes in the graphic design and visual communication disciplines over time. In 2004 the Laus Students was established and in 2014, the Laus Aporta.
In its 2019 edition, the 49th of its history, the ADG Laus have gained an international dimension and have become established as a major award and a professional event not to be missed. 

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