Magabook 2018


This magabook is best read on a large green carpet of artificial grass, in an underground bar, in a library lined with zines and art books, in the middle of a session by a breakout DJ or in the heart of a snowy forest. In Barcelona, Madrid, New York or Reykjavik.

This magabook encapsulates the spirit of the Laus Awards 2018. And it leaves us wanting to listen to music and watch good movies. Wanting to go to the most important music, creativity and technology festival in the world and longing for the work of one of the most free and strong designers. To connect with history and to discover new paths.

You can find the ADG Laus 2018 Magabook in the following bookstores: Fnac,, Casa del Libro; Librería Promopress, Librería Medios, Laie and La Central (Barcelona); Pantha-Rhei, Graphicbook, Laie Caixaforum, La Central de Callao and La Central Reina Sofía (Madrid); AM Libros, Binario Libros and Librería Cámara (Bilbao); DADA-Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad and Librería Intertécnica (Valencia), Llibreria Geli (Girona); La Capona and Adsera (Tarragona) and Caselles (Lleida).